Specialising in Left Foot Accelerators

Left Foot Accelerators For Vehicles

If the standard pedal set-up in a car is unsuitable for you, call the driver mobility aid specialists at Leaman Brothers today. We can adapt your pedals, allowing for left foot acceleration and enabling you to enjoy the freedom of driving comfortably and safely.

If you drive a shared vehicle, don’t worry – the adapted pedals can be switched back to the regular set-up quickly and easily. Available for automatic vehicles of all kinds, pedal modifications create a customised driving experience that suits your needs.

Simple & Easy To Use

Our driver mobility aids are designed with simplicity and style in mind. Unobtrusive and compatible with any automatic pedal system, left foot acceleration pedals are an affordable, safe solution for adapted driving.

A Fantastic Range of Left Foot Accelerators

Left foot accelerators for cars where the pedal hangs down & electric left foot accelerators for where the pedal rises up from the floor as with BMW or Mercedes Benz etc.

Pedal modifications for automatic vehicles with Leaman Brothers of Devon - call for your FREE quote on